M*A*S*H was broadcast in 250 half-hour episodes, plus one movie-length finale, over 11 seasons from September 1972 until February 1983. No episodes except the finale carried a title card, but episode titles have been published by the producers in literature about the series and on the DVD releases.

Episode Indices Edit

All the series episodes have been indexed on this wiki by the following categories:

  • Episodes by Name
  • Episodes by Themes
  • Episodes lacking one or more major characters
  • Episodes featuring one or more regular guest characters
  • Episodes marking significant character events
  • Episodes which confuse the internal continuity

Production order vs broadcast order Edit

In no single season were the episodes broadcast in the same order as they were recorded and produced. Each episode carries a production code, and these are sequential, but the first-screening dates in the United States are taken for the purposes of the program's "correct" chronology. However, since no effort was made to keep the internal continuity of the show intact - with contradictory dates, events and references appearing in all seasons and even in the finale, the ordering of the episodes is purely for convenience. See also internal continuity.

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