Biography of Major Frank Delano Burns played by actor Larry Linville


Major Frank Burns of the U.S. Army Medical services played the comic relief as that a incompent idotic buffon that medical incompentence put more lives in danger then that of the enemy. After nearly 4 seasons of playing the character, Linville got tired of playing the role and so his character was written out..Burns has a nervous breakdown after his girlfriend Maj Houlihand finally got smart and dumpted him so she could get married. His last role is unseen-Burns claims on the telephone to his mortal enemy Captain Hawkeye Pierce that he's been promoted to Lt. Col and put in charge ofa Veterans Hospital in Burns hometown of Fort wayne Indiana. Since Burns is not above lying to make himself look good The Novaciane Mutiny it is unknown if Burns was actually telling the truth of his alleged promotion

Real timelineEdit

  • September 12,1952 Major Frank Burns takes command after Lt. Col Henry Blake is killed/B.J. Hunnicut arrives to replace Trapper John McIntyre
  • September 19,1952 "Change of Command"Col. Sherman Potter takes charge of MASH 4077-Burns is no longer in command
  • October 1952 "The Novacaine Mutiny" Major Burns tries to have Hawkeye Pierce court-martialed for Mutiny while Burns is in temporary command of MASH 4077 {Hawkeye aquitted}
  • Decemeber 1952 "The Late Captain Pierce" Hawkeye is mistakenly reported dead; Dwight Eisenhower comes to Korea to fulfill his pledge to go to Korea if elected
  • June 11,1953 "My Most Unforgettable Characthers" date of Radar O'Rielly morning report; Burns is the dope when he stupidly smashs his own watch while Radar O'Rielly tries to do a magic Trick

Note Afterward Major Houlihan gets married and Burns has a nervous breakdown. Thus by s strcit accounting Major Charles Emerson Winchester is at MASH 4077 about one month; however to keep MASH going on, Jumping the Shark was pulled and War for all seasons shows Col Potter ringing out 1950 to New Year 1951 and also ringing in 1952 despite the fact that Potter arrived at MASH 4077 September 19 1952-two years after 1950 and 1951!

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