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Major Margaret Houlihan is head nurse of the 4077th M.A.S.H. Her nickname is "Hotlips" originaly given to her by Captain Hawkeye Pierce. She is played by Sally Kellerman in the film and Lorretta Swit in the series.


An Army Brat she was born in Fort Ord California in 1920; in 1938 she entered Nursing College from which she graduated in 1942; she enlisted in the US Army; by the time Col. Sherman Potter took command of MASH 4077 Sept 19, 1952 she had been a Nurse/soldier for 10 years Change of Command

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By the time Potter took command she was 32 years old; ironically sally Kellerman in the Movie and Loretta Swit in the TV Series were also about this age when they played the part.

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