Summary: Season 8 comprises of 25 episodes. This season is most remembered for being the season that Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly left the 4077th. The season aired in the 1979/1980 schedule.

EPISODES: 8x01: Too Many Cooks 8x02: Are You Now, Margaret? 8x03: Guerilla My Dreams 8x04: Good-Bye Radar, Part 1 8x05: Good-Bye Radar, Part 2 8x06: Period Of Adjustment 8x07: Nurse Doctor 8x08: Private Finance 8x09: Mr. And Mrs. Who? 8x10: The Yalu Brick Road 8x11: Life Time 8x12: Dear Uncle Abdul 8x13: Captain's Outrageous 8x14: Stars And Stripes 8x15: Yessir, That's Our Baby 8x16: Bottle Fatigue 8x17: Heal Thyself 8x18: Old Soldiers 8x19: Morale Victory 8x20: Lend A Hand 8x21: Good-Bye, Cruel World 8x22: Dreams 8x23: War Co-Respondent 8x24: Back Pay 8x25: April Fools

TRIVIA: - This season marks the final time viewers will see Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly, although his teddy bear will make it's final appearance in the Season 11 episode "As Time Goes By" when Hawkeye places it in the Time Capsule, saying that it would symbolise those who came to Korea as boys, and went home as men.

- Of all the characters, Klinger has had the most changes this season, becoming Company Clerk after Radar left and finally giving up his efforts to get a Section 8.

- We also see Hawkeye salute for the second and final time on the show. Coincidently, both times he saluted to Radar, the first time when Radar received his Purple Heart and the second time through the doors of the O.R while operating on a wounded soldier.

- There were fears that the actors would go on strike during filming of the eighth season, however, even though they went on strike in the end, it was after all of the episodes had been filmed.

- Originally, Radar's exit was supposed to be like Trapper John's and Frank Burn's, off screen in the season premiere. However, Gary Burghoff Requested that he be allowed to return for a final episode. At first the network disagreed, but over the hiatus they had a change of heart, resulting in the two part episode "Good-Bye, Radar".

- The episode "Dreams" was apparently a project that Alan Alda had wanted to do for a long time. Dennis Koenig said " Dreams was Alan's baby, he had talked about it for years, but it had never come up. Finally, he just did it. It really got the most letters and positive reaction".

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